Governor Kay Ivey has amended the current Safer at Home order to include mask requirements in schools and colleges effective July 31, 2020 at 5 PM until August 31, 2020 at 5 PM. Read the order here.

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Amended Safer at Home Order
Published: 07/29/20
New Statewide Mask Ordinance
Published: 07/15/20
Face Covering Signage for Establishments
Published: 06/29/20
Vital Records Goes Green!
Published: 06/26/20
Official Face Covering Signage for Establishments
Published: 06/26/20
COVID-19 Guidance
Published: 05/22/20
Planning a Visit to JCDH? Here's What to Expect..
Published: 05/20/20
Jefferson County Unified Command Updates
Published: 04/28/20
JCDH Quick Links
Published: 04/22/20
STD Awareness Week: April 12 - 18
Published: 04/13/20
Mark E. Wilson, Jefferson County’s Top Doc, On Reducing The Coronavirus
Published: 04/03/20
JCDH Accepting Home-made Face Masks and Gowns
Published: 03/30/20
Coronavirus COVID-19: What You Should Know
Published: 03/02/20
Corona Virus: What You Should Know
Published: 02/27/20
Corona Virus: What You Need to Know
Published: 02/27/20
Save The Date
Published: 02/11/20
What is Coronavirus?
Published: 01/24/20
2019 Novel Coronavirus Update and Information
Published: 01/24/20
#QuitLying Big Tabacco
Published: 01/02/20
Get the facts: Teens, E-cigarettes, and Vaping
Published: 01/02/20
Dr. Vera Egorshin awarded the 2019 Department of Pediatrics Faculty Excellence Award for Community Pediatric Educator
Published: 01/02/20
Dr. Rosemary Faust nominated for Birmingham Parent Magazine Best Pediatrician 2019
Published: 01/02/20
Fight Flu. Get a Flu Vaccine.
Published: 10/31/19
Children's Health Month
Published: 10/24/19
SIDS Awareness Month
Published: 10/08/19
Black Maternal Mental Health Week
Published: 08/28/19
Hepatitis A: What you need to know
Published: 08/20/19
National Breastfeeding Month
Published: 08/12/19
Get Fresh Produce at JCDH!
Published: 07/24/19
Back to School Immunization Rush
Published: 07/22/19
Three Points Against Diabetes
Published: 07/15/19
July is Summer Safety Month!
Published: 07/03/19
Back to School Info: What You Need to Know About Immunizations
Published: 07/03/19
Summer Food Safety Tips
Published: 06/20/19
JCDH Issues Hold on Sherman Industries Permit & Cancels Public Hearing
Published: 05/31/19
Men's Health Month
Published: 05/31/19
National Safety Month
Published: 05/31/19
Measles Disease
Published: 05/07/19
Hepatitis Awareness Month
Published: 04/30/19
Air Quality Awareness Week
Published: 04/29/19
Get the facts: Teens, E-cigarettes, and Vaping
Published: 04/23/19
Certified Pool/Spa Operator
Published: 03/26/19
World TB Day
Published: 03/18/19
Alumna of the Year, Bryn Manzella, making a difference in the health of Jefferson County
Published: 03/13/19
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day 4.20.19
Published: 02/20/19
Building Pathways to Employment
Published: 02/19/19
New Board of Health Member
Published: 02/12/19
February is National Children’s Dental Health Month
Published: 02/01/19
From Day One
Published: 01/31/19
World AIDS Day
Published: 11/29/18
Seasonal Flu Information
Published: 11/20/18
Community Matters launches "Your Opinion Matters!" Survey
Published: 10/17/18
Children's Health Month
Published: 10/09/18
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Published: 09/28/18
Vaccines for Teens
Published: 08/31/18
National Preparedness Month
Published: 08/29/18
100 Alabama Miles
Published: 08/23/18
National Immunization Awareness Month
Published: 08/23/18
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