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COVID-19 Entrance Screening Procedures

In an effort to provide services to our community while protecting our patients, clients, and employees from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, the following measures have been implemented at all JCDH facilities:


Individuals seeking medical attention at Central Health Center, Eastern Health Center, and Western Health Center, with the exception of respiratory sick children visits, will be required to answer questions related to symptoms of an exposure to COVID-19 and will have a temperature scan prior to entry. This includes those seeking medical services in our primary care and Specialty Clinics. Individuals who do not pass screening may not be allowed entry to the health clinic. Individuals with appointments for healthcare services and/or visitors who fail the screening will be evaluated. The individual may not be allowed entry to the health clinic and may have to reschedule the appointment. Those seeking non-medical services will not be screened in Central Health Center, Eastern Health Center, and Western Health Center lobbies but must adhere to our mask, distancing, and hand hygiene policies.

Visitors Restricted

Visitors are restricted with the exception of a minor child, those who have physical disabilities requiring assistance, or memory disorders. In these cases, one person can accompany the minor child or the individual with physical disabilities or memory disorder. To protect their health and ensure social distancing, other children in a family who do not have an appointment to be seen by a JCDH provider will not be allowed entry into a facility. Entry will be restricted to the child with an appointment and one parent/guardian.

Face Coverings

Individuals entering a JCDH facility and over the age of two years will be required to wear face coverings. The face covering must cover the nose and mouth and remain on throughout the time period inside a facility unless instructed by a JCDH employee to remove such as during an examination by a provider.

Social Distancing

Individuals are to remain at least six feet from others while in the facilities to ensure social distancing. Observe and comply with social distancing controls in place. Observe signage or tape restricting use of certain waiting room chairs and comply with all traffic flow instructions. When markings present on floor, stand on the marked spot. Remain at least six feet from countertops when interacting with employees and speak through any Plexiglas barrier in place.

Hand Hygiene

Practice good hand hygiene by using hand sanitizers located throughout our facilities.

Central Health Center
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Programs and Clinics
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Hours of Operation:
All Centers are open 7:45am to 4:30pm. Phone lines for clinic appointments open at 7:00am Monday through Friday.

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