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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 11/3/2023
1ADPH 420-3-22-.03(1)(a) Cease the sale of commercially processed TCS food requiring refrigeration when past the date limit placed by the manufacturer or packager. // In the RI cooler there were 3 gallons of 2% milk (10/25) that were past the date of expiration. COS. Discarded.
13-307.11 Store raw shell eggs below and away from ready to eat food. (preventive) // Raw shell eggs were stored above gallons of milk. COS. Moved to bottom shelf of RI cooler.
1.3-304.12 Store scoops left in TCS foods with handles above the top of the food of the container. // Spoon a container of shredded cheese was laying so that the handle touched the food.
54-501.114, 4-703.11 Sanitize utensils with quaternary ammonia at a concentration specified by manufacturer for at least 30 seconds. // Observed employee washing hotel pans in 3-compartment sink without sanitizing the pans (only washing and rinsing). 3-compartment sink was not properly setup with wash, rinse, and sanitizer. 3-compartment sink stoppers are not holding water. COS. Employee moved pans to dish machine area to use dish machine for wash, rinse, and sanitizing--until repairs can be made to the stoppers on the 3-compartment sink. Provided PIC with instructions on how to correctly setup 3-compartment sink.
13-304.14. 4-501.114 Provide quaternary ammonia solution at concentration specified by manufacturer for storing cloths used to wipe counters and equipment. // No sanitizer buckets setup during service.
45-205.11 Cease using hand sinks for any purpose other than handwashing. // Handsink in bar area had wine glasses and utensils in the sink. 6-301.12 Provide paper towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel at each handwashing sink or group of adjacent sinks. // Only cloth towel at handsink in the bar area. No paper towels were present.
15-205.15(B) Repair condensate leak in refrigeration units. 5-205.15(B) Maintain plumbing in good repair. (ex: floor drain covers, missing toilet tank lid, broken toilet seat, etc.) // Frozen condensate hanging along the shelves and on the floor of the RI freezer. Drain stoppers are not operational in the 3-compartment sink.
15-501.115 Remove unnecessary items from the refuse storage area. // Cardboard boxes and other items are scattered behind dumpster.
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