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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 7/23/2019
53-301.11(B) Use gloves or utensils to handle ready to eat food (except when washing fruits and vegetables)./ The food worker was cuttting , and handling boiled eggs without wearing gloves or using utensils to handle the boiled eggs for a ready-to eat salad./ COS The chopped boiled eggs were voluntarily discarded. The food worker washed their hands, and put on gloves to continue working with ready-to eat foods.
14-601.11(C) Keep nonfood contact surfaces of equipment (interiors of refrigeration units and cooking equipment, exteriors of equipment, storage shelves, etc.) free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. / The smoker shelves, and the oven shelves needed to be cleaned. The refrigeration shelves, and the prep table storage shelves needed to be cleaned.
26-501.12 Clean facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, ceiling/wall vent covers, fixtures, etc.) as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness./ The kitchen floors, dishwashing room floors, the WI cooler floors, the WI freezer, and the hall storage floors needed to be cleaned. The kitchen ceiling and kitchen walls had areas that needed to be cleaned.
16-501.14 Clean air ducts and clean/change ventilation hood filters to prevent contamination by dust, dirt, etc. / The hood filters needed to be cleaned above the cooks line.
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