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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 3/19/2019
4JCDH 2.1 Provide a Certified Food Safety Manager, with card from JCDH, on the premises at all hours of operation when using on-site food safety training./ Certified Managers on duty are not registered with the health department: register all Certified Food Safety Managers with JCDH and maintain the appropriate card in a readily accessible location.
13-304.12 Store between-use utensils in a container of water at 135 F or above./ Water in the heated container in which the ice cream scoops are stored between-use measured 126F, and was replaced with water >135F during the inspection.
44-302.14 Provide an appropriate chemical test kit that accurately measures the concentration of sanitizing solutions./ A chemical sanitizer test kit is not available: provide a test kit with color chart for quaternary ammonium sanitizer.
14-601.11(C) Keep nonfood contact surfaces of free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris./ Exterior of the ice machine and drip channel beneath the bin lid are very dirty; the fried chicken hot holding shelves are greasy and soiled; the dip ice cream chest and lid need to be defrosted and cleaned.
14-501.11(B) Maintain components such as equipment doors, gaskets, etc., in good condition./ The sliding upper doors on the ice machine bin are cracked and deteriorating.
14-904.11 Protect unwrapped single-service and single-use articles and utensils from contamination./ Take-out jugs for iced tea, stored in an open box under the fan housing in the WI cooler, contaminated with condensate leaked from overhead were voluntarily discarded during the inspection.
15-205.15(B) Repair condensate leak in the WI freezer./ Heavy accumulation of frozen condensate on the plumbing lines and the back side of the fan housing.
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