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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 10/31/2023
53-501.16 (A)(2) Maintain TCS food at 41 F or below./// Rice 58F and raw chicken 47F stored on the buffet bar and salmon (48F) at the sushi bar. PIC states that it was prepped before opening.--COS, items were moved to the WI freezer and WI cooler to regain temperature.
13-307.11 Provide separation between packaged raw and ready- to- eat food.(preventive)/// Raw shrimp stored above cooked wontons and raw crab stored above green beans in the make table cooler.--COS. 3-307.11 Provide separation between packaged raw animal products of different species.(preventive)/// Raw chicken stored above raw shrimp in the make table cooler.--COS.
13-304.12 Store between-use utensils in a container of water at 135 F or above./// Spoon stored in standing water next to the rice warmer. 3-304.12 Provide a utensil with a handle for serving or dispensing food or ice./// Plastic container and metal container are used as scoops for food stored in the WI cooler.
14-602.13 Clean non-food contact surfaces of equipment as often as necessary to prevent accumulation of residue./// Standing water in the bottom of make table cooler./// Ice buildup inside ice cream freezer.
13-304.14 Store wet wiping cloths in the appropriate sanitizing solution when they are between uses./// Several wet towels were stored on the countertops.--COS.
14-901.11 Allow utensils to air dry before stacking./// Several metal pans stored on the clean shelf adjacent to the warewashing room are stacked wet.
15-205.15(B) Repair condensate leak in refrigeration units./// Condensation leaks in both WI freezers. 5-205.15(B) Maintain plumbing in good repair. (ex: floor drain covers, missing toilet tank lid, broken toilet seat, etc.)/// Leak at the handsink faucet at the waitstation.
26-501.12 Clean facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, ceiling/wall vent covers, fixtures, etc.) as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness./// Fan covers in the WI freezer are soiled with black residue. Women restroom vent is soiled with residue./// Ceiling tiles in the kitchen are soiled./// Soiled vents attached to hood by the mongolian bar.
Central Health Center
(Guy M. Tate)

1400 Sixth Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 588-5234

(205) 933-9110
Eastern Health Center
601 West Blvd Roebuck
Birmingham, AL 35206
Programs and Clinics
(205) 588-5234
Western Health Center
631 Bessemer Super Hwy
Midfield, AL 35228
Programs and Clinics
(205) 588-5234
Hours of Operation:
All Centers are open 7:45am to 4:30pm. Phone lines for clinic appointments open at 7:00am Monday through Friday.

If this is a Medical Emergency call 911.
If you are a patient and need to reach your health care team after business hours for non-life threatening conditions, call (205) 588-5234. For Medical Emergencies dial 911.

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