CIRCLE K #2723680- Subway #4282

91  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 11/8/2019
53-101.11 Provide safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented food.//Open box of plain Omelet contaminated with ice crytals from condensate leak in WI freezer.//Omelet discarded by PIC.//Repair condensation leak in WI freezer.
46-301.12 Provide paper towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel at each handwashing sink or group of adjacent sinks.//Repair or Replace paper towels dispenser.
Central Health Center
(Guy M. Tate)

1400 Sixth Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Programs and Clinics
(205) 933-9110
Eastern Health Center
601 West Blvd Roebuck
Birmingham, AL 35206
Programs and Clinics
(205) 591-5180
Western Health Center
631 Bessemer Super Hwy
Midfield, AL 35228
Programs and Clinics
(205) 715-6121
Hours of Operation:
All Centers 7:45am - 4:30pm   |  For more information, call  (205) 588-JCDH (5234)

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