87  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 4/26/2019
53-501.16(A)(1) Maintain TCS food at 135 F or above./// Sausage balls (94F) sitting at room temperature "cooling" was out of temperature. Instructed PIC not the let the food get below 135F when cooling.-- COS, food was discarded.///Supervisor comment for clarification: Rapid cooling methods should be initiated once the food reaches 135 F. Since the violation was due to improper cooling methods, the rule for cooling would have been more appropriate--both items are in the same category of violations; therefore, the score was not affected.
44-501.110 Provide wash solution temperature in a conveyor-type, hot water sanitizing dish machine at a minimum of 160 F for a single tank, dual temperature machine; or 150 F for a multi-tank, multi-temperature machine. /// Heat sanitizing dish machine in the bar area reach a maximum temperature of 144F.
14-501.12 Resurface or discard cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized./// Cutting boards throughout the facility needs to be resurfaced or replaced.
13-304.14. 4-501.114 Provide quaternary ammonia solution at concentration specified by manufacturer for storing cloths used to wipe counters and equipment./// All sanitizer buckets tested negative. Bulk sanitizer at the 3 compartment sink isn't pulling. Instructed PIC to have ecolab to service the equipment. Use bleach until quat has been repaired
15-501.113 Keep dumpster doors and lids closed.
16-303.11(C) Provide at least 50 foot candles of light in food prep and ware washing areas where employee safety is a factor. /// Two blown bulbs above the stove area. Needs to be replaced.
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