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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 9/8/2023
52-301.14 Wash hands for at least 15 seconds after any potential contamination (i.e. handling soiled utensils, after using toilet room, before donning gloves, etc.).//Staff returning from outside to food station without washing hands after smoking and another returned from outside without washing hands as well.
53-501.16(A)(1) Maintain TCS food at 135 F or above.// Breakfast sausages, egg cheese, bologna, chicken biscuits were all 117F, sliced pizza 120F and chicken wings 118F stored in glass warming unit.// Staff discarded biscuits and reheated pizza and wings to required temperature of 165F.
53-501.16 (A)(2) Maintain TCS food at 41 F or below.//Dairy cooler coils are frozen. Two half of gallons of whole milk and 3 half pints were all 48F internal temperature.//Voluntarily discarded.// A loaf and a half of loaf of bologna, two bags and plastic container of shredded cheese, box of bacon and flat sausage, container of pizza sausages all had internal temperature of 48F-51F stored in back kitchen RI cooler.//Internal temperature gauge reading of 48F in RI cooler in back kitchen.
13-304.14 Store wet wiping cloths in the appropriate sanitizing solution when they are between uses.//Several dirty dry cloths lay around hand sink.
16-501.12 Clean toilets, urinals, and plumbing fixtures as often as necessary to keep them clean.//Dirty toilet in women bathroom.
26-501.11 Maintain physical facilities in good repair (floors, walls, ceilings, ceiling tiles, attached fixtures, etc.).//Missing ceiling tiles near bathroom and in back kitchen above RI cooler.
Central Health Center
(Guy M. Tate)

1400 Sixth Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 588-5234

(205) 933-9110
Eastern Health Center
601 West Blvd Roebuck
Birmingham, AL 35206
Programs and Clinics
(205) 588-5234
Western Health Center
631 Bessemer Super Hwy
Midfield, AL 35228
Programs and Clinics
(205) 588-5234
Hours of Operation:
All Centers are open 7:45am to 4:30pm. Phone lines for clinic appointments open at 7:00am Monday through Friday.

If this is a Medical Emergency call 911.
If you are a patient and need to reach your health care team after business hours for non-life threatening conditions, call (205) 588-5234. For Medical Emergencies dial 911.

Nondiscrimination Compliance Office
(205) 930-1577
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Nondiscrimination Policy

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