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Specialty Clinic- Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic


Testing, evaluation and treatment are provided to protect individuals, their sex partners and unborn children from the serious complications that may result from untreated syphilis, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases.  The STD specialty clinic is staffed with nurse practitioners.  Additionally, infectious disease doctors from UAB have scheduled time in the clinic.  These highly trained professionals care for individuals experiencing symptoms, have partners with an infection as well as those who desire a check-up specifically for their sexual health.  Services are confidential and offered at minimal cost.

Clinic hours are Monday-Friday 7:45am – 3:30pm.  Same day appointments can be made by calling (205) 930-1175 beginning at 7:00am. HIV testing is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-3:30pm.  No appointment is needed and there is no charge for an HIV test.

The Jefferson County Department of Health STD clinic is located on the lower level of the Central Health Center at 1400 6th Avenue South in Birmingham. More information on STDs can be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention useful links to the right or from the Alabama Department of Public Health.