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Dental Clinic


General dental care is provided for individuals who meet eligibility requirements.  The Jefferson County Department of Health has dental clinics in three locations throughout Jefferson County to improve the overall health of the county’s underserved individuals through increased access to oral health services. 

The JCDH Dental Clinics are currently accepting new patients under the age of 21.  It is recommended that children have their first dental visit by their first birthday.  To be eligible for treatment in the dental clinics, clients must be a resident of Jefferson County and provide the following:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of residency
  • proof of household income, or proof of Medicaid or ALL Kids dental insurance


Central Dental Clinic
1400 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Call (205)930-1015 to schedule an appointment.

Eastern Dental Clinic
601 West Boulevard, Roebuck, Birmingham, Alabama 35206
Call (205)510-3405 to schedule an appointment.

Western Dental Clinic
631 Bessemer Super Highway, Midfield, Alabama 35228
Call (205)241-5277 to schedule an appointment.

Dental care is often the forgotten part of a healthy lifestyle. Oral disease can affect a person’s speech, appearance, health, and quality of life. Regular dental care is not only important to maintain the health of your teeth, but also your entire body. Poor oral and dental health can result in serious infections of the mouth, teeth, and body.

For information on healthy oral health habits, visit the American Dental Association’s consumer website