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Lodging Protection


The Lodging Program enforces regulations governing establishments where sleeping arrangements made available for people to stay temporarily. 

  • These facilities may be known as:
  • A hotel, apartment hotel, inn tavern, club, resort tourist home, tourist court, motor court, motor lodge, or by any other term regardless of the number of rooms, suites or cabins.
  • This term does notinclude:
  • Apartments, clubs, trailer courts, boarding houses, rooming houses, or portions of these facilities where single night accommodations are not advertised or held out to be available.

These facilities are inspected for cleanliness and condition of the building, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and utensils – they receive a score based out of 100 possible points.
Permits are for one year and automatically expire on January 1steach year.

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Hotel/Lodging Inspection Scores