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Certified Food Safety Manager

Food Safety Manager Certification

see also Foodhandler Classes


Current [2016] regulations require most food service establishments to have a Certified Food Safety Manager on premises at all times of operations; this manager is required to have training from a recognized food safety manager course and must obtain a Certified Food Safety Manager’s Card from the Health Department.


Currently, the food manager certifications accredited by ANSI are:

ServSafe is a recognized Food Safety Managers course offered at the Health Department every other month.

View or download the Jefferson County Health Department’s  Food Safety Manager’s Course schedule.

A Certified Food Safety Manager Application may be downloaded, printed and completed, but must be brought to the health Department to be processed. Payment is due at registration; the book will be received at that time. Books are available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Korean.

For any other questions regarding the Certified Food Safety Manager Program or Food Handler Training Program call 205.930.1260 or 205.930.1368