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Public Swimming Pools and Spas


Public swimming pools include community pools, condominium pools, apartment pools, YMCA pools, hotel pools, spa pools, etc.
Jefferson County Department of Health conducts regular environmental health and safety inspections.
Pool Inspection Scores
Plans for the construction of a public swimming pool must be submitted to the Jefferson County Department of Health for review by the Public Health Engineer for compliance with the Jefferson County Board of Health’s Swimming Pool Regulations. Once the plans are approved, inspections are made to determine that the swimming pool is being constructed according to the approved plans. After completion, an operational permit is issued for the public swimming pool and the pool is inspected monthly for proper operation. Print out a Pool/Spa Operational Report to complete.

Periodically, the Jefferson County Department of Health teaches the Certified Pool Operator (CPO) course sponsored by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. This intensive course is designed to train swimming pool operators in every facet of operating a public swimming pool in a safe and healthful manner. The 2018 CPO registration brochure can be downloaded here.

If you have questions or concerns about a public swimming pool in Jefferson County or need information about the next scheduled CPO course, please call the Jefferson County Department of Health at 205.930.1230.