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Body Art

Body Art means the practice of physical body adornment using invasive procedures and, for the purpose of these rules, is an inclusive term for any procedures utilizing body piercing, tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, branding or scarification.

Body Art Facility or Tattoo Facility means a geographic location at which an individual does one or more of the following for compensation:

-Places an indelible mark upon the body of another individual by the insertion of a pigment in or under the skin.

-Places an indelible design upon the body of another individual by production of scars (branding).

-Performs body piercing.

All body art practitioners must obtain a Body Art Operator Permit from Jefferson County Department of Health by submitting:


-Current state issued photo ID

-Current Blood Pathogen Certificate from an approved source

-Hepatitis vaccination documentation or written refusal statement

-Permit fee of $50

All body art facilities or tattoo facilities must obtain a Body Art Facility License from Jefferson County Department of Health by submitting: 


-Facility floor plan

-License Fee of $250 for Initial License and $200 for License Renewal

Every body art facility in Jefferson County is inspected. The inspection does not take into consideration the talent of the practitioner or the quality of their work.

No one under 18 years of age may receive body art or piercing, unless a parent or legal guardian signs a written consent form at the facility.

***All Permits and Licenses must be renewed by Sept 30 of each calendar year***

Rules for Body Art Practice & Facilities

Structural Guidelines for Body Art Facilities

Tattoo Disclosure Statement


Application for Body Art Operator

Application for Body Art Facility License

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