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Communal Living Protection


A Communal Living Facilitiy (CLF)  is often referred to as a ‘boarding home’, ‘adult foster home’ or ‘adult group home’. They are defined by the Jefferson County Health Department as any public or privately operated facility which houses three (3) or more adult residents. For the purpose of this definition , a resident is defined as a person, other than the owner, or a ward of the owner, operator or staff of any communal living facility, and unrelated by blood or marriage to the owner or operator, living, sleeping or having actual possession of a rooming unit.

Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hotels, motels, apartments, dormitories, fraternity homes and sorority homes associated with colleges and/or universities, group homes under the governance of another agency and adult foster homes with three (3) or less residents are excluded from these regulations. The health department does not issue permits for foster homes or group homes housing youth or minor children./

Permitted communal living facilities in Jefferson County are categorized as rooming homes, which provide living/sleeping quarters only; or boarding homes, which provide meals in addition to rooms.


  • Communal Living Facilities in Jefferson County are required by law to have permits from the health department
  • Approval from the local fire inspection department & local zoning are also required
  • These facilities are inspected at least twice a year to determine compliance with the regulations.
  • Communal Living Facility permits must be renewed by January 1 each year.

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