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Air & Radiation Protection Division Forms

This page includes forms used for services provided by the Air and Radiation Protection Division.  It is recommended that you contact the Air and Radiation Protection Division before working on any application or notification.

Air Pollution Permits

Air Permit Applications

The following are included:

  • APCP-103 Facility Identification Form
  • APCP-104 Indirect Heating or Fuel Burning Unit
  • APCP-105 Manufacturing or Processing Operation
  • APCP-106 Waste Disposal
  • APCP-107 Stationary Internal Combustion Engines
  • APCP-108 Loading And Storage Of Organic Compounds
  • APCP-109 Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Surface Coating Emission Sources
  • APCP-110 Air Pollution Control Device
  • APCP-111 Coal Preparation Facility
  • APCP-112 Solvent Metal Cleaning
  • APCP-113 Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM)
  • APCP-114 Compliance Schedule
  • Attachment 1:  Changes in New Major Source Operating Permit Requirements
  • Attachment 2:  Determining Whether a Facility is Subject to the Major Source Operating Permit Regulations
  • Attachment 3:  Background Documentation Requirements
  • Attachment 5:  Trivial And Insignificant Activities

Air Pollution Control Rules and Regulations

Requirements for Air Quality Modeling Submittals

Schedule of Fees


Notification Form for Removing Asbestos


Regulations to Govern the Production and Use of Radiation