Meet Dr. Wilson

Mark E. Wilson, MD
Health Officer
Jefferson County Department of Health

Dr. Mark Wilson serves as the Health Officer for Jefferson County, Alabama, and as CEO of the Jefferson County Department of Health.
In this role, he oversees a $55 million budget with the mission to prevent disease, assure access to quality health care, promote a
healthy lifestyle and healthy environment, and protect people against public health threats. To achieve this mission, Dr. Wilson
oversees health department programs in air quality control, restaurant, school and other facility inspections, and six clinics serving
over 200,000 patients each year. As a Board of Health member, Dr. Wilson has supported the many activities of the Health Action Partnership,
a coalition of local agencies committed to improving health and quality of life in Jefferson County. Dr. Wilson’s service to our community
extends over his 20 year career as a physician and Chief of Staff at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, a clinical teacher for UAB Medicine
students and residents, and a member of both the Jefferson County Medical Society Board and the Jefferson County Board of Health. He has
also served on other local boards and has been involved with national organizations that focus on the poor and underserved, and on ensuring
availability of quality health care for everyone. Dr. Wilson received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and his medical
degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Wilson and his wife, Marian, have four children.