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This new logo for Jefferson County Department of Health is a visual symbol of a new day in public health and our commitment to a holistic view of health. It represents both its people and our mission as well as our vision for the future of Jefferson County. It is a product of many hours of deliberate, thoughtful design.

The symbol of a three pointed shield illustrates a universal recognition associated with health, with protection, and with growth. The three point symmetry reinforces the three core functions of public health that are conveyed in these words. The words are a simple, elegant statement about what public health does and what public health achieves. “Prevent, Promote, Protect” is a phrase that embraces everything that Public Health accomplishes and communicates it in a simple way that differentiates Public Health as both a sentinel and responder.

Within the shield itself are the concepts of a healthy environment, bodies and minds and communities. All are inseparably intertwined and interdependent. The imagery inside the shield combines the traditional symbol for health, the staff of Asclepius (one snake around a staff), surrounded by symbols for the air, land and water in which we live.

Green historically represents safety and health and with safety and health comes life and hope. Along with blue it also conveys the idea of a clean, healthy environment.

Red traditionally symbolizes power and courage. In our new logo, it specifically represents the courage and power of life itself, that is, the blood that flows through each of our bodies and sustains us individually. It also represents the strength of the common bonds of individuals to one another in community.

Yellow is the color of gold, the color of the sun. The sun is the source of energy providing both light and warmth that are needed for all healthy growth. Besides its more literal meaning as the primary physical source of energy for all life on earth, it represents creative discovery and knowledge as well as illuminated vision, insight, and decision-making. It symbolizes human warmth that promotes healthy individual and community development.

This fresh identity encapsulates the vision, mission and the roles Jefferson County Department of Health serves in the community and expresses our expectations and hope for the future for all Jefferson County.

In 2017, the Jefferson County Department of Health recognized 100 years of serving. A new logo was introduced with a ribbon added to commemorate the 100th year. This symbolizes the extensive history of the Jefferson County Department of Health and how it has been one of the leading public health agencies serving residents of Jefferson County for over 100 years.