Pandemic Influenza Full Scale Exercise

The Jefferson County Healthcare Coalition conducted a Pandemic Influenza Full Scale Exercise on October 23-26, 2017. More than 60 participating facilities and supporting agencies came together to address issues associated with a pandemic such as decreased work staff, medical surge, and lack of supplies. The exercise provided a community-wide opportunity for facilities and supporting agencies to train staff and test existing policies and procedures related to an Infectious Disease Outbreak response.

The exercise began with an email message describing the “current situation”. As the mock scenario developed, participants provided updates on the impact to resources and services normally provided. In the following days, multiple communications systems were tested and a mock order system was developed for participants to order antiviral medication provided through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). The exercise culminated on Thursday with the dispensing of the simulated antiviral medication. For more information on the SNS, go to

An After Action Report for the exercise will highlight identified strengths and areas of improvement. The areas of improvement will be addressed with corrective actions such as planning and training in an effort to strengthen the actual response to an Infectious Disease Outbreak. The Jefferson County Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Division is the lead agency for the Jefferson County Healthcare Coalition.