Morris Health Center Changes

Morris Health Center to Discontinue Pediatric and Family Planning Services

Patients may continue to receive these services at other JCDH locations

Morris, AL—Effective August 18, 2017, the Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH) will discontinue pediatric and family planning services at Morris Health Center (586 Morris Majestic Road; Morris, AL 35116). Demand for these services at the Morris Health Center has steadily decreased over the past few years. Also, changes to the local health care landscape in Northern Jefferson County have resulted in more access points to primary care services, so patients will still be able to access care in the area. Patients may also receive care at any of JCDH’s other three health centers.

“Part of JCDH’s core mission is to assure access to health care even if we are not directly providing it ourselves. We remain committed to this mission for northern Jefferson, and all of Jefferson County.” – Mark Wilson, MD, Health Officer, Jefferson County Department of Health.

Central Health Center located at 1400 6th Avenue South in Birmingham          


Eastern Health Center located at 601 West Boulevard in Birmingham                         


Western Health Center located at 631 Bessemer Super Highway in Midfield